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Life After the Crown is an interview based podcast where 3-Time Emmy winning pageant host Tim Tialdo welcomes former pageant contestants, titleholders and women of influence to share inspiring and real stories about their successful professional and life experiences across many different industries. They also share useful advice on how to make the transition from pageant life to the real world.

Jun 5, 2018

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In this Episode you'll learn:

Learn about her book “Pretty Powerful (1:45)
How being “attractive” is both a blessing and a curse in the professional world (5:10)
The challenges of being a public figure on national TV (9:30)
The importance of keeping a tight inner circle around you (12:43)
Reliving her defining pageant moment in the Fall of 2008(14:55)
Lesson #1 - Do it like you’re doing it for the last time (20:55)
Lesson #2 - Rid yourself of the myth of perfection (24:42)
Lesson #3 - Rejecting tokenism (29:52)
Lesson #4 - Don’t be afraid of the pivot (34:35)
Lesson #5 - Be ok with the failure(42:55)
Plus Much More!