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Life After the Crown is an interview based podcast where 3-Time Emmy winning pageant host Tim Tialdo welcomes former pageant contestants, titleholders and women of influence to share inspiring and real stories about their successful professional and life experiences across many different industries. They also share useful advice on how to make the transition from pageant life to the real world.

Jun 4, 2019

My guest today finished 2nd runner up in 2015 at the Miss United States pageant. She is a Moroccan-American self-made entrepreneur, the founder and CEO of Swaay Media and was a 2018 Miss Universe Selection Committee Member

Through her experience with business, pageantry and STEM, she noticed a bias media representation of women which inspired her to launch SWAAY, which is a digital platform highlighting stories of female leaders challenging the status-quo,and championing the voices of female change-makers through substantive and inspiring content.

Her podcast, Women Who SWAAY, was number 2 on iTunes in 2015, and was ranked in the top 5 best podcasts for women entrepreneurs by Inc. Magazine.

She was named by CIO Magazine the number one “Female Entrepreneur to Watch” in 2018. She also had the honor to be one of 2018's keynote speakers at Harvard’s Women In Business.